Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Things I Loved This Year

I just thought I would share with you some random things I enjoyed this year. Mind you, for the most part, these are not life-changing things or anything like that. It is basically all fluff! 

  • My loved ones - we all had a crazy hard year this year (personally, economically, etc.) But, we all made it through. To my family, friends, extended family and friends - without you, I would not be me. So, thank you. No matter what comes our way, we know we can make it through. Xoxo. 
  • The guiltiest of guilty pleasures television - Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, 90210, The Hills, Brothers & Sisters, Dirty Sexy Money, Lipstick Jungle, Desperate Housewives, the list goes on and on. They made me realize that my life ain't all that bad - I don't have crazy stalkers, long lost siblings out for my money, psycho nannies trying to steal my kid, etc. Plus, they are fun to watch and a great cure for boredom. 
  • LolCats, LolDogs & PunditKitchen - never has captioning a picture been so much fun. These witty-captioned pictures will seriously brighten your day. 
  • Our President Elect - let's face it, we were part of the most important election in history. We are coming out of an administration that, well, they really f**ked us. We needed someone that will bring change to not only this country, but to the whole world. Someone that is thinking about the future, not trying to push old-school values on us. Someone who knows what the next generation needs to survive. And, I 100% believe we elected the right person for the job. 
  • Twilight - if you know me, you know how OBSESSED I am. I didn't start reading the books until this year when all this hype about the movie came about. So, I started the first book and couldn't put it down. Then, 2 or 3 weeks later, I was done with all 4 books! Talk about withdrawl! But, the movie came out - RPattz:::SWOON::: - and all was well again. Especially since they are making the next movie. I can't get enough. 
  • Paris, France - I Heart NY all the way. I really, really do. But, (and please don't hate me,) there is no city in the world like Paris. Everything about it is something to fall in love with. The history, the charm, the fashion, the romance, the lights, the Seine, the museums, the food, the gardens. There is something for everyone. And, honestly, French people are really nice. 
  • Wedding Mania - My wedding came and went with the blink of an eye. But, the planning was all worth the party! I had the best time (I think - it all went by so fast.) And, the planning, albeit stressful, was so much fun. It brought Jay and I closer and gave us a chance to play around with this amazing day to incorporate all the things we love. I got to look at the prettiest things all year - flowers, dresses, colors, food, decor, etc. And, everyone we love got to share in our day with us and that is priceless. Our guests really made our wedding.

So, that is it for now. I might add to the list (or, do a 2nd list, really,) in a bit. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tis the Season...

...to be grumpy? The spirit of the holiday season always leaves me angry. Seriously...it might be old age or loss of innocence or disenchantment or all of the above. Who knows, right? But, really...all the idiots come out for the holidays - whether it be on the road, in the malls, at the office. Everyone is phony (ok, phonier) than normal - trying to be all nice and make up for a full year of being evil. You are already on the naughty list people, deal with it. 

And, trying to shop for other people after at least 10-15 years of doing it sucks. How many sweaters can you get someone? Gift cards are so impersonal, especially for the people closest to you. You ask someone what they want and all you get is, "Oh, you don't have to get me anything. Really." Well, damnit - I am going to tell you what I would like, so tell me, too!! 

And, we are in a recession. So, spending money doesn't even seem like the brightest idea. But, if you say, "Oh, we are in a recession, let's not exchange gifts," it is like, "What is the point of the season?" Not that it is all about gifts, b/c it isn't. But, why stop there? Let's not decorate or listen to XMas music or be happy. 

I wish I could get back to the way I felt during the holidays when I was little - or even 5 years ago. I can replay those times in my head, smell the smells, hear the laughter, feel the icy sting of the cold air - but, I can never get back there. It is like a switch is flicked one year, probably early - mid 20s, and it stays there. Maybe it will be different when Jay and I have kids - we can see the holidays through the eyes of a child again. 

Until then - Bah Friggin Humbug

Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Twilight" - a Review (*Spoilers*)

Disclaimer: I went to this movie (at midnight like a Twiharder 13-year old,) KNOWING I would like it. I know that if there were flying pigs and talking cats I would still like it as long as they stuck to the world's sappiest love story that is Edward and Bella. Not that the movie was without its faults - it wasn't....read on...

I read all four books in the Twilight Saga in about 3 weeks. I couldn't put them down. The author, Stephanie Meyer, got crazy lucky with this amazing, different love story. The writing sometimes left a bit to be desired - it was mushy and repetitive and catered to the tween fanbase. But, once it sucks you in you never get out. 

So, making a movie based on a book that is so popular with so many diehard fans is risky - you better stay true to the beloved book or you will be tarred and feathered in a public forum. The director, Catherine Hardwicke, was a good girl - she stayed as true to the book as humanly possible. The production company, Summit, is an indie company, so the movie only had a modest (by Hollywood standards) budget - $37 million. This is where the movie lacks - special effects....

MAJOR SPOILERS - Edward, our beloved Edward, is supposed to sparkle in the sun. There is such a clear picture painted in the book for this scene. It is one of those parts of a book that are written so there is NO mistaking how it should play out if it were, say, real, or made into a movie. Well, he sparkled in the sun in the movie, but he sure as hell didn't dazzle. This scene, along with the whole meadow scene right after Bella puts the pieces together and realizes Edward is *GASP* immortal, are so pivotal to this story - you can pull all the other pieces down around it and these scenes will stand on their own - not so much in the film, though. The whole scene was kind of thrown together to get it over with - 
"I know what you are." "Say it..out loud (Rob Pattinson is the sex when he is demanding.)" "Vampire." "OOOh, ok, check me out in the sun light." Cue cheesy special effect that resembled shiny, teen acne. 

Ok, so, that was about all that bothered me, really. Other than that, I was in love with the movie. Some things that stand out: 

In the book, I loved Charlie and Bella's relationship - you could tell they cared for and loved each other, but they were just so shy and awkward around each other. Their relationship translated so well into film - Bella and Charlie had some of the best scenes together. It was just very touching. 

Also, Bella's friends from Forks High School are total scene stealers - Jessica, Mike, Eric, and Angela - especially Jessica and Mike. Total cut ups. As one reviewer put it, ..."they reminded us of the life Bella would give up to be with Edward..." 

The scenes when Bella goes to the Cullen's house are heartwarming and hysterical - Rosalie steals the one cooking scene. Also, Edward taking Bella through the treetops is magical - on of the better special effects and it really shows the viewer how they feel without using words. Cue Bella's lullaby during this scene - I loved it. 

I couldn't really picture any music in my head for the lullaby while reading the book. But, the movie got it so right. It was powerful and passionate, kind of like their relationship. And it fit great in that particular scene. I liked all the music in the film, as I know a lot of people didn't like it or thought it was too much, whatever. I dug it. 

As for the whole Cullen family, they were great. Carlisle was breathtaking when he first walked on screen. Jasper kind of reminded me of Edward Scissorhands with his aloof facial expressions - trying not to breath in Bella's human scent. Rosalie was beautiful, as she was meant to be, and quite bitchy - I love it. Alice was how I pictured - perky, cute and to-the-point. Emmet was big and goofy and just kind of looking for a good time. Esme was cute and underused, I think. Hopefully she will be more prominent in the next film(s). I think they got the family spot-on. 
And, when they walked into the lunchroom and Bella saw them for the first time - it was so dramatic! I was like, "Oh, snap! The Cullens!! You better recognize!"

Then, Edward walked in. I couldn't picture Edward while reading the book. I kept changing him in my head. Then, I saw Rob Pattinson and knew they casted him in the movie role and I was like, "OK, this kid is a cutie. I can deal with that." Then, he did some photo shoots and looked like, well, like Edward should look - perfection. He is so amazing as Edward. There were some parts I wouldn't have thought to play that way. (Example: The biology scene where Bella meets him for the first time and he smells her: people laughed, even me, and I don't think it was meant to be funny - he looked like he was going to blow chunks. I pictured him as white-knuckled, almost angry. But, whatevs.) He is gorgeous - you can't deny it. Edward is supposed to be gorgeous. He has a unique voice (He is a Brit playing an American accent, so that helps.) He plays the whole "I'm so torn between leaving Bella alone and being miserable or loving her and possibly eating her" thing well. In the books, Edward was very demanding - borderline sexist. He just wanted to protect Bella. Well, it is kind of hot, ok? That is part of his appeal - he kind of lets Bella know what is what. I loved his performance and was totally a 13 year old girl when he walked on screen for the first time. 

Much like Edward, I could never picture Bella. Ok, not true, I always pictured myself as Bella. I must have not been home when they came to the door with the movie offer, though. Kristen Stewart would not have been my first choice b/c she always seems indifferent or bothered or something. But, she was good. She had some obnoxious lines, but she played them well. The only part that I wanted to smack her at was in the hospital when Edward said she should live with her mom - when she said, "No no - don't say that to me, I want you, blah blah." It seemed like she was TRYING to act poorly in this part. It wasn't good and it could have been great. So, boo to you for that, Kristen (I'm not bitter.) She WAS good in the venom scene. She didn't glam up the tortured pain - she actually looked like she was in pain. I like that - realism. 

OOOh, the fight scene - it was short, but it was so good. Another spot where the effects were pretty kick-ass. And Edward comes swooping in being a hero - I love it!! Speaking of Edward saving Bella's life, they left the scene where Bella is attacked in the city and Edward comes to save her. I am glad they left it in and they did it so well. Edward's rage, his driving, Bella finally realizing Edward is kind of different. 

Jacob wasn't in it that much, which didn't bother me. I don't like him. The kid that played him was super cute, though. 

Ok, I loved the friggin movie. I am going to see it again next week. I can't help myself. It won't win any Oscars, but people love it. They love the books and they love the story and they love RPatz (he is my future 2nd husband, so I can call him that.) I think with the greenlight for Summit to make New Moon (OMG - we have to wait til 2010 - UGH!) and the $33million made on the opening day alone, you will be seeing/hearing/breathing/biting/dreaming/ Twilight for a long time to come. 

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wedding Vendor Reviews

Here they are...

Ceremony & Reception - Pleasantdale Chateau (West Orange, NJ) - A+: From the moment we arrived at the PC a little over a year ago to check it out, we felt special. It felt as though we were the only people who will ever get married there and everything they did was for us. It is an amazing property - the grounds are just beautiful. The chateau itself is plucked from a different part of time. There are so many hallways and turns and doors and secret rooms - it is just a fun place. And, you get to take over the whole thing. 

The food was more than plentiful - there was food in every corner of the house for cocktail hour and the viennese hour. There was something for everyone. And, it was soooo good. 

Laura was our banquet manager and she was the sweetest thing ever. She was very prompt about returning any calls or emails. She always kept me in check as far as deadlines, etc. She knew her job inside and out. She helped up pick out the most amazing menu. I could not have asked for more. 

Santiago was our maitre d'. He was so funny and so nice. He ran a tight ship, but totally made you feel comfortable and like you did not have to worry about a thing. He really helped orchestrate our ceremony, too. 

The professionalism of the whole staff was amazing. Everyone knew exactly what to do and they take so much pride in their jobs. I didn't worry about anything all day. 

Also, the rooms are amazing - the 8 rooms in the main house are all different and all have a unique charm to them. The 22 rooms in the guest house have just been renovated, so everything is fresh and clean. 

We did the brunch the next morning and that was delish, too- - best sausage I ever had! 

The one complaint I have is the heat. When my girls and I were getting ready, the heat was up to 100 (ok, maybe not 100, but it FELT that way.) And, when we got to our honeymoon suite we had to open all the windows b/c it was HOT! Other people that stayed there overnight complained about the heat, too. 

Flowers - Crest Florist (East Hanover, NJ) - B: My flowers were absolutely gorgeous. They were straight out of a fairy tale and more than I could ever ask for. And, they were everywhere. I have no problems with the flowers. There were just some little service things that irked me. 

First, let me tell you how great Crest is. We worked with the owner Matt and he knows his flowers. They have been in the business for a million years or something, and they are good. We told him what we wanted in terms of the feel and mood we were going for and he basically said, "This will work, we will put this here, etc..." And, he pulled off beautiful decor. His team was at the PC before ME setting up and getting ready for our day. It was like Santa's workshop in there. And, when they had a problem, they asked my opinion first. For example, we had to have our ceremony in the ballroom b/c it was chilly outside. SO, they couldn't leave our centerpieces outside like they normally would b/c they might die. So, they came upstairs and asked if it was ok to leave the CPs in the ballroom during the ceremony. Things like that might seem little, but it meant a lot to me that they asked first instead of just doing. We also got our overlays, napkins and gobo from Crest and they all tied in so well together. 

Ok, so, we met with Matt 4 times or so before the wedding. And, each time he would forget something major, like, they were doing our gobo or something. We'd remind him and he'd be like, "Oh, yea, of course." It just wasn't comforting at times. He also was not there the day of the wedding which freaked me out a bit b/c we worked with him personally for a year and it would have been nice if I had questions or whatever. There were also some tiny details they forgot, which we didn't even notice the day of the wedding, to be honest, but looking back we were like, "Hmmm...oooh, yeaaaa."

Entertainment - Barry Herman Entertainment - Fantasy (Livingston, NJ) - B+: I should probably split this grade for service from the company vs. service from the band. We went into Barry Herman's with the intentions of booking a DJ. We never wanted a band. BUT, we heard this band and decided we had to have a band. OK, so, trying to get an email back from Barry was like pulling teeth. His assistant or whoever, Greg, was usually the one who got back to me. This was fine, I like Greg. Barry was a nice guy, but it just seemed sometimes like he wasn't really sure of the answers to my questions, or maybe he was just too busy. He also tried to push a lot of extra stuff like spotlights, etc. at our final meeting and we just couldn't deal with all the sales pitching at that point. 

The band was great. I enjoyed them so much. They played all the songs we asked for. They learned our first dance song and it sounded so good. The band leader was so nice and a pleasure to work with. I was iffy b/c they are limited to what they can play, vs. a DJ, but there is nothing like live music. 

Photography/Videography - Allan Reider Studio (Union, NJ) - A+ (So, far.) : I do not have my pictures back yet and I haven't picked up my video yet (which is ready,) so I can only comment on the service the day of the wedding.  I only met Allan once and that was when we went in for our first meeting. I honestly do not remember him, but he was nice and laid out the packages pretty well for us. We booked with his photographer Gina b/c we heard such great things about her. So, I set up a meeting with Gina early one morning before work. And, it was bad planning on my part b/c I couldn't wait around too long b/c I had a meeting and she got stuck in traffic that day. So, I had to leave before she got there. The poor woman was so apologetic and felt so bad. It broke my heart - she was so sweet about it. So, when we finally met I fell in love with her. We just clicked. She is such an amazing person. And to work with her was great - she is so focused and no-nonsense. And her and her assistants totally calmed me throughout the whole night. She told me exactly what to do, she didn't get mad at me when I was late for pictures. The videographer was the same way - so nice and non-intrusive. They were a great team to work with. I cannot wait to get everything back and start picking album pics. 

Save-the-Dates & Invitations - Hyland Creative Design (Verona, NJ) - B: I had the most beautiful Save-the-Dates with a watercolor of the Pleasantdale and the most gorgeous invitations ever. Melissa is very creative and knows how to take an idea and run with it. She is not, however, good at keeping in touch. She took days, weeks sometimes to return an email. We had her do some extra invites for us, so when we went to go pick them up she was still putting them together. She said she forgot. So, I sat in her studio for 45 minutes. She is sweet, but a little, I don't know, she isn't flaky or anything. Whatever, my invites were gorg. 

Day-of-Coordinator and Paper Products - Platinum Events & Design (Northern, NJ) - A+: I loved working with Becky b/c the girl is funny and all of our meetings were at Starbucks. Seriously, I hired Becky when I couldn't deal with Melissa Hyland anymore. She was originally just going to do my menus, place cards and table numbers, but I hired her as my DOC b/c she really eased my mind. She set up our day of timeline and it helped so much b/c I was freaking out about that. There were a lot of coordinators, banquet managers, maitre d' types at the PC, but I was happy to have someone "on my side," (Not that it ever came down to that.) And, our paper products were gorgeous. Even Laura from the PC said they were the nicest she has ever seen! It's the little details that bring a wedding together and Becky totally got it right. 

Cardbox - Creative Custom Cardboxes (Northern NJ) - A+: Marni really helped me out in a bind. Jay and I were going to make a picture frame cardbox and after our 2nd attempt and super glue in my HAIR, I decided it was time to outsource. I saw Marni's boxes on the Knot and they were perfect - simple, yet elegant. So, I think it was one or two weeks before the wedding and she totally did a rush order for me. The colors were perfect. The box was so cute. Everyone thought it was such a unique idea! 

Favors - Totally Chocolate (totallychocolate.com) - A+: We got 1lb. chocolate bars with our names, wedding date and a picture of the PC on them. They were delish. The middle block was dark chocolate and the surrounding blocks were milk. We had a really hard time deciding on a favor. We really wanted something that we both liked and something people could take away and enjoy. Yay for chocolate. The people we worked with were so helpful and sent a 2lb. sample before we ordered. They were easy to get a hold of. They actually already did a mold for a PC wedding, so we only paid half the mold fee for our names and dates. 

Dress, Veil, Jewelry, Purse - Kleinfeld's (New York, NY) - B- : I knew that if I did not find "The Dress" at Kleinfeld's, I would not find it anywhere. I just knew this. So, I made an appointment and ripped some pics of dresses I liked from magazines. About 2 weeks before my appointment I saw the ad for Badgley Mischka and there was a girl wearing this dress ("Lauren" is the dress.) I fell in love. I was never all about the dress, I could care less, actually. I wasn't even looking forward to dress shopping. BUT, when I saw this dress I knew it had to be mine. And, if it wasn't right for my body or whatever, then damnitall to hell, I'd be getting married in jeans. It was this dress or no dress. 

Anywho, my saleswoman was Dianne. She was a little on the crazy side, which worked for me b/c it made me feel peaceful. I showed her a picture of THE dress and she pulled it plus some others. I tried THE dress on first and that was that. Dianne loved it, my mom loved it. She said it worked. She even brought Randy, the fashion director in and he loved it. She did make me try on one more - a big, poofy ballgown. It was NOT for me. So, that was that - easy as pie. I was not planning on a veil, but my mom really wanted to see me in a veil so they brought out this gorgeous beaded veil and I loved it as much as the dress. 

I went back months later for my first fitting. Stella was my fitter and she was so cute and so good. She was the sweetest thing and made me feel so comfortable. 

The dress came in withOUT the buttons down the back - the buttons that were my single-most favorite detail on the dress. Well, according to Nitsa, the alterations manager, the last 3 dresses of this style that came in were missing the buttons. She would order them. Ok, no problem. So, I go back for my second fitting. The buttons came in, but they were not on the dress yet. So, she brings the bag of buttons out - they were the wrong buttons. At this point, my dress is fitted and ready to be picked up before the wedding. So, Nitsa assured us she'd get the right buttons in and they would be on the dress by the time my mom went to pick it up ( I couldn't take off work.) So, I called everyday for a week and a half to make sure the right buttons came in. I NEVER got Nitsa on the phone. So, I put my blind faith in these people that they'd get the right buttons in and on the dress. I told my mother to rip the friggin buttons of the sample if they were not there. 

The buttons came in, they were on the dress, all is well that end's well. It was just extra stress I did not need 2 weeks before my wedding. 

Hair - La Sorella Bridal (Caldwell, NJ) - A+ : I love Mandy. She took care of my hair the year leading up to the wedding. She has done my hair for a couple of occasions throughout the year. I will keep going back to her for my cuts. She is very professional and focused. Her styles stay in and look so good. She is a dream maker with a curling iron. She was on time, did all my girls and myself. She came back after cocktail hour to touch my hair up - it didn't even really need it b/c it stayed in so well. 

Makeup - The Glam Fairy (Riverdale, NJ) - A+: Alexa is an artist. She knows what looks good and what doesn't look good. I have oily skin and she totally made me skin not oily. I got the airbrush makeup and it stayed on all night. I had to scrub to get it off. She is very funny and she doesn't hold back - I love that kind of environment. She too was on time and professional. She came back for the touch up and SHE was on time, but I had to be downstairs and so she had to rush do it quick. I felt bad making her come all the way back. But, she did it with a smile. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hello, Old Friend

So, I am married!! It has been an amazing month and a half - Jay and I got married, we went to Paris and we moved into our house! Life has been amazing. I need to post wedding vendor reviews AND the Paris trip report. 

I have to do these things soon before my thoughts are not fresh. I was so psyched to write the Twilight review, but I couldn't do it now without going back and re-reading the books. I AM going to re-read them eventually, but there are so many amazing books out there that I have to get to. I am in the middle of The Time Traveler's Wife and, so far, so good! 

So, maybe within the next week everything that has to be done will be, or at least close to it and I can start blogging again! 

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yay for this past weekend!

It has been a while since I last blogged, but Jay and I have been so busy finalizing wedding stuff. We found a minister we liked. We picked music. People are RSVPing (as they should be - they're due back by 9/24!) We got some gifts for some people. We picked tuxes. We have some big appointments coming up - Flower Trial, Menu Picking, etc. I am so excited I could spit. 

The bridesmaid dresses NOR my dress are in yet. I am not worried, yet, as the stores they were purchased from are both very reputable. Plus, I ordered later than normal, so it really isn't the stores' faults. 

We also still have to do the tables, split the rooms, finalize the ceremony, figure out our paper stuffs. It is so stressful for one stinking day! And, the whole leaving the day after the wedding for our 8 hour flight to France - yea, whose friggin idea was THAT??? PLUS - we close on our new house the day BEFORE the wedding. And, when we get back from Paris, we are going to be moving in. So, from now until the middle of November I will be busy - don't ask me to do anything, LoL! And then, we have the holidays. So, better not ask me to do anything until next year. No, I am serious. 

Soooo, this past weekend was my Bridal Shower at Tavern 344. The food was delicious and the staff was great, as usual! ALSO, my Maid of Honor flew up from FL to surprise me (which I so was!!) So, that was great to have her there and be a part of it all! So many people came out to help me celebrate - it was so much fun!! Thanks so much to my mom, Kris, Jenn, Sue and Jess for putting everything together and making everything so great! Also, a patron of Tavern 344 made 2 cakes - and the were SO good and SO pretty. Once I gets pics I will post them. Of course, Jay and I got crazy nice and thoughtful gifts from everyone - my loved ones really went above and beyond for us. MWAH!

Saturday night we all went out to Greenhouse (as per usual.) It was fun to hang out with Kris and everyone! I am sad she had to leave so soon, but we will see her in a month! Of course, we did the late night diner thing - that's when food tastes the best! 

Sunday was football and Wendy's day! Yay for the NY Giants taking the game in OT. 3-0 this season so far - let's keep it up! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WTF Wednesday!

Jay and I have gotten a lot of wedding stuff out of the way!! Invites went out (finally!) We mostly narrowed down our dance songs....I am kind of over it. I will dance to anything for our first dance at this point b/c I can't look at anymore songs. I met with our photographer. When I first booked, I met with the owner of the studio. He was nice, kind of crazy, but nice. So, he showed me his one photog's work and I loved it, so we booked. Well, I finally met her and I LOVE her. I cannot wait to work with her. She is funny and down-to-earth and so easy going. We attempted to make a card box, but we couldn't agree on how to make it, what frames to use, etc. So, we nixed that idea for now. I got the last word in and said, "FINE - I will just get a KNOTTIE to make it." That shut him up. I also ordered something super secret for Jay that I think he will get a kick out of. Email me if you want to know. It isn't really that exciting to anyone other than...well...me. 

Other than that, nothing much is happening. I still have to write the Twilight review. Oh, we started watching True Blood on HBO. It's another vampire show, but it isn't like other vampire stories. It is ok and has potential. I think I am kind of on the fence b/c the vampires are not hot! I am so shallow, I know. Don't judge. 

I really have nothing to say, LoL. I just feel bad if I don't write b/c I kind of made a pact with myself to write as much as possible. I will totally get my thoughts down for the Twilight review and that should fill my writing quota for a while ;) 

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Deeper than usual...Cryptic to a fault...

When do you stop living for everyone else and start living for yourself? Maybe that is the wrong question....

When do you stop letting the things others do and say affect you in a way that your whole world crumbles? When do you get back to you? HOW do you get back to you? 

It's not easy to find the balance b/t emotions. It is so much easier to be "all or nothing," but so much less healthy in the end. Things that happen to the people you love, things that the people you love do that are less than anything you would expect - all of these things are so draining - mentally, physically and emotionally. 

How do you get over disillusion and disappointment? Can you ever find your way back to the relationships you once had? Or, at the very least, start over - grow into new relationships with familiar people?

Just a question...

If I wanted to do your job, I would have applied for it...

Seriously, people. WTF do I look like? Ok, now that THAT is out of the way....

I finally finished the Twilight series. I tore through those books any chance I got. I really did not want to give into all the teeny-bopper hype, but the movie is coming out and I do love me some vampire love stories, so I gave in. I got sucked into these friggin books! The story as a whole brings out a lot of ....feelings...in me (LOL!) So, it will have to be a blog for another day. But, in the end, I loved the books and I am crazy excited for the movie!! BTW, Twilight fans are rabid - for real. They stalk the actors of the movie, the author of the book. There is this message board called TwiMoms something-or-other. 25 + year old women and their fanatic crushes on a fictional character - you deal with that. 

Jay and I have been cooking nightly. I know you are probably thinking, "OK - so?" Well, let me explain - we don't cook. We eat out, or get take out, or have a bowl of cereal. But, we decided we should probably start cooking for a few reasons - 
1 - It is healthier. 
2 - It saves money. 
3 - If we ever want to have kids, they are going to want "real" meals like their friends get.
4 - It is a fun thing to do together. 
So, yea, we've been trying some stuff out. It IS fun. And, we get to goof off and make it a little competition, etc. I feel better, too, in general. Like a real life grown-up. 

Football starts tomorrow - er, correction, the GIANTS SEASON OPENER is tomorrow. That makes me smile. Also, my guilty pleasure TV shows are back on - 
-Gossip Girl - It was good. The show is just visually stimulating and fast-paced and has really great music. The acting is meh at best, but Blair & Chuck bring out the bitch and I can appreciate that. 
-One Tree Hill- So, I wasn't happy about a certain decision made by a certain character in the season premier, but whatevs. I can't have all television go my way. It looks like it will be a dark, kind of scary season this year. 
-90210- It is a VERY new take on a VERY classic show. The series premier was laughable, but of course I will continue to watch. I think they shoulda just brought all of the old 90210-ers back for like, "The Mid-Life Years," or something. And, wtf happened to Shannen Doherty's mouth? She has a gap in her front teeth - that's is all well and good, but it was never there before. WTF?

Oh, did you watch the Democratic Nat'l Convention? Admittedly, I only watched Barack's speech. If Jay wasn't yapping in the background, I would have been in tears. It was a great speech. 

Ok, I need to clean and put clothes away and then Jay and I are walking b/c it is too gorgeous outside to be in. 

Monday, August 25, 2008

Parents can be so delusional...

First of all, I only know bits and pieces of this story, so I am going off of that. There was a Wayne Valley student who hit one or two people with frozen paint balls. One of the victims has lost hearing (permanently) in one ear. It's a horrible thing, yes. The kid should totally be punished, yes. 

So, I read the NJ.com message boards and on the Wayne board people were writing about the kid's mother. Apparently, she goes to the Board of Ed meetings to make people aware that thisis some sort of initiation ritual at the school; her son was pushed to do this; etc. 

The people on the message boards (hiding behind screen names, might I add) go off saying, "How dare she ruin Wayne's reputation by spreading these lies?  How dare she drag other kids into this mess? There are no rituals - just b/c her kid is a criminal doesn't mean the rest of Wayne's children are! How dare she...?"

Here's where I get pissy! So, the mother is not totally right. Her son pulled the trigger; he shot the person - it's his fault, he should get punished. I do not know about any initiation into anything, whatever. 

What I DO know (from going through Wayne public schools my whole life) is that the parents in Wayne are delusional! And, not just in this instance, but anytime a kid goes "out of the lines" of acceptable rebellion. 

They all think their kids are so great and get good grades and play sports so well and don't do anything wrong and deserve $75,000 cars to bang up and are having ice cream slumber parties with their best girlfriends when they don't come home. 

I got news for you - it's bullshit! First of all, these kids have so much money they think they can do whatever they want. They stay out till all hours, drinking, partying, doing drugs. We all did it - I am not saying I am above it. They inject themselves with steroids, take drugs, drive recklessly and expect Mommy and Daddy to bail them out of everything - b/c they did it their whole lives! They don't have to accept responsibility for anything! They are part os this amazing affluent town and this great school system, so that means they are untouchable. And, the parents are pushing these ideas upon them by sticking up for them and defending them. 

OPEN YOUR EYES!! Your kids are partying, drinking and having sex! They are just kids - not saints! There very much so can be initiations and kids pressuring other kids to do dumb things. Your kids are not perfect just b/c they did not get caught doing dumb shit!! 

Sunday, August 17, 2008

2 Weeks Worth of Life

I haven't written a word in 2 weeks b/c I have actually been busy doing productive things. Accomplishment is a good feeling! So, let's start with the wedding related nonsense

Jay and I wrote our ceremony from start to finish. We researched all of my vow and ceremony books, added details we liked and picked what was important to us. From the gathering words to the final blessing, it shouldn't be more than 15 minutes - MAX. It is very sweet and very "us." I was most nervous about this aspect of the whole wedding b/c I was very adamant about it NOT being religious and Jay had his specific criteria, so I was preparing for a headache. But, we came out unscathed with a simple, yet elegant ceremony. It was a great bonding experience for the two of us. 
NOW, we just have to find someone to marry us. For some reason, this is a hard thing for us to do. There is a reverend that is somewhat close to my family that has been there through some rough times, but the ceremony he proposed is very religious (obvs.) and we would feel horrible asking him to throw that all out the window. So, if anyone knows any great non-denominational officiants, send me the contact info! 

I also made a bunch of final appointments with photogs, our entertainment vendor, etc. I ordered shoes and hair stuff - and might have actually decided on a hairstyle. We booked the airport transfers and decided who was sleeping where the night before. UGH - it's the tiny details that are killing me and making me feel overwhelmed. 

What else? Let's see - movies! We watched Gone With the Wind last weekend - all 4 hours of it, straight through. It is such a fantastic movie! Vivien Leigh was a genius when it came to acting. She threw herself into the role of Scarlett - over-the-top (as so many performances in those days were, but she was the master,) dramatic, gorgeous. The movie is an epic classic for a reason. It didn't have the ending you would expect - there was no predictable, happy ending, which made it even more appealing. It was more real that way. 

Jay and I also saw Pineapple Express. O.M.G. - so friggin funny. I am a huge fan of "Knocked Up," "Superbad," "40-Year Old Virgin," etc. so I knew I would love this movie. It was a typical stoner comedy with a lot of violence. I love Seth Rogan - he is cute and normal-ish and seems very down-to-earth. But, James Franco stole the movie. He was hysterical and I don't even think he was trying to be. He was very subtle and mellow and LOL adorable. Also, the previews before the movie rocked b/c there are a lot of Judd Apatow & Co. movies coming out soon! Paul Rudd, Michael Cera, Sean Williams Scott, etc. all have movies coming out. I have a feeling this is the beginning of the new American Comedic Dream Team. 

And, the Olympics. I wasn't really watching in the beginning. I completely missed the Opening Ceremonies - whatever. But, nothing is on late at night when you're trying to sleep and you wish Letterman wasn't a repeat. So, you watch the Olympics. Then, you find yourself getting emotionally invested in these athletes' wins and losses. There's a lot of controversy surrounding the Beijing Olympics and we, as humans, love a good controversy. They have paralyzed dancers, ugly kids that need to be replaced with cuter kids lip synching the ugly kid's song, fake fireworks, underage competitors - yes, we're onto you Chinese Gymnasts! Seriously, this should be looked into and if it is proven they are NOT 16 or older, they should have their medals taken away. Cheating is cheating - no matter how it is done. 

OOoh, and that guy, that swimmer - hmmm...Michael Phelps, is it? I wasn't really into all the hype, but I watched a race and he IS like a machine. I guess I can buy into the whole American Dream thing. And, his mom is always so happy when he wins and I can respect that. But, Lochte is def. hotter. 

I am really looking forward to the Fall/Winter lineup - all the new shows and my fave shows coming back. I am a glutton for teen drama - so, yay for 'Gossip Girl,' 'On Tree Hill,' and the New '90210.' I am like a 13 year old, ok? Don't judge :P I also can't wait for 'Ugly Betty,' 'Desperate Housewives,' 'Brothers & Sisters,' "Lost,' 'Kath & Kim," so forth and so on...LoL. I watch a lot of TV, ok? It's a hard habit to break - Tivo is your friend. 

Ok, I think that was enough BS to give you to read for now. I am trying to start my weeks off on a more positive note. So, instead of complaining that it is Sunday night, so that means I have to go to effing work tomorrow and sulk through another 5 more days until the next weekend and I hope I can make it that long without poking an eye out of the socket just for fun, I will say something like....It is Sunday night, so....so, um....well, ....wow - I got nothing. 

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

I have been so terribly unproductive this weekend - this whole month, actually. I feel like the wedding planning has STOPPED. There is so much little stuff left to do, but I just haven't gotten on it yet. So, maybe that will be my goal for next week. I wish I could just finalize the guest list, but Jay and I keep adding people. We need to block hotel rooms, book shuttles, write programs, do the seating chart, make final appointments with the music and photog vendors, AND find an officiant! Wish us luck. 
Our office said goodbye to the greatest CFO ever - SVC. He was so great to work with and a real joy to know. I hope he doesn't become a stranger and wish him all the luck and happiness in his future. For his Goodbye Party, several people from work went to Sunset Pub & Grill for drinks. It is the restaurant in the Lincoln Park airport. It had a really relaxing, inviting atmosphere and a nice sitting area outside to to watch the plane. Appetizers were ordered, but I didn't really try any so I cannot vouch for the food. The bartender let me try a Girl Scout Cookie martini - it tasted just like a  Thin Mint - so good! BUT - a glass of their house pinot grigio was $9. WTF?! That's like highway robbery! 

We celebrated Jenn's 24th on Friday! We had so much fun - like, balls-to-the-wall type of fun! We drank like it was our J-O-B! We found out 50 Cent will be back at Greenhouse on Wednesday - we might go celeb stalking. Thanks to Carlos for playing all of our requests and to Chris for being the best bartender ever and driving us home. Happy Bday, Jenn - love ya! 

:( My BFF Kris flew up from FL for one day this weekend and I totally did not get to see her. The timing just sucked and it made me really upset. But, I am glad that someone special flew her up to go to his family reunion - that is so sweet and I am so happy she found somebody like that. So, maybe next time? (I hope so, I think the next time she is up is for the wedding and she is the Maid of Honor!) 

So, after Wednesday I think I will have exciting new to share (I'm not preggers, pick your mouth up off the floor.) So, yea...I will keep you updated! 

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

I feel like this week has been so busy! Work was crazy because 3 of the 5 front office girls were out most of the week. So, that left me and one other girl. Luckily, we're troopers! It's kind of nice to be so busy at work because it makes the day go by faster. Also, this coming week is the last week for our CFO. I am going to miss him! He's been great to work with and is just a great guy all-around. 

Jay and I went to the florist to talk about wedding flowers some more. I am really excited for the wedding now that it is so close! Anyways, we are working with Matt at Crest and he really knows his stuff. He is very creative and gave us some great ideas. I am sorry we can't use our regular florist (who are also great friends of the family.) But, at least now they can just relax and enjoy the wedding. And, I have total confidence in Crest. 

We finished the backsplash in the kitchen! (Ok, JAY finished it...I watched!) It looks great and the kitchen is back to normal! Instead of being a mess, it is an organized mess now! It looks great. Now, we need to new project. Bathrooms, maybe? 

I didn't really do too much else this week (surprise, surprise.) I've just been working on little wedding details. I ordered shoes, so we will see if I like them. I hope so. I was crazy sad when the shoes I loved didn't fit and they didn't have my size. WTF? OOOh, I should be getting the mock-up of our invites this week, too...I can't wait to see them. 

This coming week is my BFF Jenn's Bday! Yay for Bdays! So, we will go out and have drinks and play silly songs on the juke box - always a good time! And, some people from work are going out for drinks for our CFO's "Goodbye Party." HHmm...ME+Drinks w/ work people never ends well. But, I will be good ;) 

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

I am crazy tired from writing my "The Dark Knight" review (see below.) But, the weekend was pretty good...Jay finished tiling the backsplash so now we can grout and then paint and then be done - YAY! We went to Gary and Tamra's for a bit Saturday night - I was so sleepy and had barely 2 glasses of wine and I fell asleep on their couch! I felt like such an ass. Today, we had some lunch, then drove around, then went to see "The Dark Knight." I was so excited for it all week and was so excited to see it!! It was better then I ever thought it would be! 

I really can't think of anything eventful that happened during the week. I am so beat and I really don't think anything happened, LoL. My mom and everyone left for the cruise today :( I am seriously regretting not going, now. 33 of our friends and family went to Bermuda for a week. Jay and I were going to go, but changed our minds to save our time off for our honeymoon. I hope everyone has fun and takes lots of pictures!! 

"The Dark Knight" - a Review (*Spoilers*)

Let me start off by saying that I am in no way a Batman aficionado. I didn't watch re-runs of the old show; I didn't read the comic books; I didn't watch the cartoon. I liked Tim Burton's first "Batman" with Michael Keaton ok. It was scary when I was younger and campy as I got older. So, I am not up on the history and story-line facts. That being said, here it goes...

I loved "Batman Begins"...it was a movie my fiance and I popped in one lazy day, by chance, and I ended up loving it. So, needless to say, I couldn't wait for "The Dark Knight." I was planning on catching it because I really wanted to see Heath Ledger's final and supposedly best performance. Seeing "Batman Begins" just made me want to see it even more. 

So, Jay and I get to the theater a half hour early, get our goodies to munch on, sit down and watch the waves of people roll in on a Sunday afternoon. I was so psyched for this movie I couldn't sit still! As the DC Comics logo shows up in the beginning of the film, a hush falls over the theater. Everyone, like me, wanted to see what the first scene would be....would there be action? Would it be an emotional scene between Alfred and Bruce Wayne? Will it be the much-anticipated Joker?

It was action-packed! The Scarecrow story-line was resolved (for now) which doesn't really happen too often. A lot of times you find sequels kind of forgetting what they left hanging in the previous movie. But, they wrapped it up nicely in the first few minutes of the film and introduced the new villian - the eternal villian - the Joker. 

We don't know who he is, where he came from or what he wants - and this is true throughout the movie. I suppose we do know that he lives for death and destruction. He doesn't care about revenge, loyalty, money - none of it. Where he goes, chaos and mayhem follow. He is smart - the kind of genius created by madness (or is the madness created by the genius?) He knows how to get to people. And he knows how to kill. He is diabolical, but he makes it seem so effortless - kind of like he doesn't have to prepare or create or think about what he is doing to people. 

Now, about Heath's performance. It was stellar. I was so sure I would watch this movie and think about Heath Ledger - the great, young actor whose life ended too early. But, I didn't think about him once until the movie was over. He was the Joker. His voice was unrecognizable - and haunting. He used facial tics and licked his lips and snarled in ways that made me cringe. He played the Joker as true and pure evil genius. He didn't care about anyone or anything around him. He laughed at the people around him. He used peoples' weakness to his advantage. He was very much theatrical - messy makeup to cover up the scars that seem to have no origin. His laugh is one with a mocking tone and eery comfort. Heath was the Joker and the Joker will never be anyone else but Heath. 

The 2nd new character we have is Harvey Dent/Two-Face. Well, I totally believe in Harvey Dent. Aaron Eckhart was so believable as the District Attorney who wants what is best for Gotham City. He really didn't let anything stop him. He wasn't afraid of the Joker, or gangsters or any of it. He did show human weakness when he was prepared to kill a psycho for information.  He did what he had to do all out in the open. Eckhart was very vibrant and bold in this role. He shone as the White Knight making the clean-up of this crime-ridden city seem possible. 
Eckhart also proved himself as Two-Face. When Dent went to his dark place is when Eckhart really showed his acting chops. He had just lost the one person he loved and couldn't do anything to help her. He was angry and lost and scared. The Joker played well on these emotions and helped him over the edge. The hospital scene with Joker and Two-Face is one of the best in the film. 

Ah, yes, there was a somewhat minor character introduced. Joshua Harto played Reese, an employee/consultant type for Wayne Enterprises. He had about 15 full minutes in the film and they were significant. He figured out who Batman was and was going to expose him. The Joker also used him as bait so he was on a few peoples' hit list. What is interesting (and, these are not my own ruminations, but ideas I have found on the internet) is that if you say "Mr. Reese" quickly, it sounds like "mysteries." The Riddler, anyone?

Maggie Gyllenhaal took over for Katie Holmes in the Rachel Dawes role. The switch was a good one in my opinion. Katie Holmes bored me. I think Maggie was more feisty and had more fire in her.  A lot of people said she is ugly - but, I think that is far from the truth. She is definitely not a conventional beauty, but she is quirky beautiful. I was shocked, shocked, SHOCKED when she............died. The Joker played a little trick on our hero Batman and told him the wrong location of his damsel in distress. He instead showed up just in time to save Harvey Dent (or, half of him, anyways.) It was a twist that was 100%unexpected. Rachel and Bruce didn't even get together. Ugh - that kind of pisses me off because I am a romantic at heart, but it was good for the movie. It made Dent into what he would become. And, I think took Batman to a totally different level darkness-wise. If Bruce Wayne wasn't struggling with the fine line between his 2 identities before, he most surely would struggle after Rachel's death. 

 And, about our hero.....
Of course, Christian Bale is still my favorite Batman. Let me get over the fact that he is just, well, made for being the hero saving the damsel in distress. He plays a ferosh Bruce Wayne - poor, little rich playboy, sleeping during a huge meeting, zipping around in his Lambo. He is just fun! 
And, as Batman, he was wonderful, per usual! He is so regimented and kind of straight-laced as Batman. He knows what he has to do and he does it. He is a well-oiled, crime-fighting machine. He is against killing people - he just delivers them to the police. He definitely lets his cause take precedence over his "real" life as Bruce Wayne (see: his relationship with Rachel.) 
He makes a real sacrifice in the end of the movie. He takes the fall for some murders Two-Face committed. Why would he do this? Because he didn't want the work that Harvey Dent had done as D.A. to come undone by a community that has lost faith. They believed in Dent and what he was doing and if they learned he gave up and fell to the dark side, they most likely would, too. And, since Batman has no real face, he knew he couldn't mar the face of the White Knight, Gotham's true hero.

Gary Oldman was better than ever as James Gordon! I was on the verge of tears when I thought he had died, but he came back to save the day - he actually had to save Batman. It showed us that Batman isn't the only one that can get things done. It also showed us that the role of saviour doesn't fall on the hands of one man, but the hands of many. The ordinary, run-of-the-mill cop really made a difference. He believes in the cause just like Batman. He was so moving in the scene with Two-Face and his family. 

Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine were excellent and consistent in their roles, as well.. They act as the wiser voices of reason throughout the film. I wish they could have larger roles. They are essentially the behind-the-scenes help. I know this is necessary, but I love these actors so I want to see them take out a baddie or two! 

The film as a whole was totally dark. It was scary because it could happen. Is it probable? No, not at this point in time. Is it possible - yes, totally. The technology used isn't too far off from what can become (if the gov't doesn't already have gadgets like those used already.) Christopher Nolan, the director, wanted his Batman sagas to be about real people in real situations. There is nothing sci-fi about his two films. At their core, they are just good guy/bad guy flicks. The scenes with the two boats leaving the island says a whole lot about the human condition and that there is still good in this world. The chaotic scene jumping seems very much what it might be like living in Gotham City. As the audience, just like the characters, you never know who is a good guy or a bad guy. 

There are a lot of factors that make this film one for the ages - the acting, the story, the lessons we can all learn from it. It is action-packed, character-driven and just plain old fun. It says a lot about a movie when you leave the theater and it is all you can think about. 
As I sit and think about the movie and what the director might do next, or which characters he will bring back or what would of happened if....I have to remember that it is just a movie and essentially just made for fun (and to make money) and I have to ask myself, "Why so serious?" 

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

If you want to check out pics from this weekend, go to MySpace.

I am 25!! I can't believe it. I feel so old, but only because I remember where I was when I turned 15 and I was so young then. It was only 10 years ago! Ugh! Anyways, Monday-Wednesday was pretty routine. 

I took off work Thursday and Friday. Thursday I pampered myself with getting girlie things done at the spa. That is always nice. Then, my mom and I went into the city that night to get my muslin fitted at Kleinfeld's. Basically, it is a crap piece of fabric that is cut before they cut the actual dress so it is fitted perfectly. So, my dress was finally ordered! Swweeeeet. 

On Friday (my actual Bday - 7/11), Jay and I had running around to do. Then, I got my hair and makeup done by Alexa (theglamfairy.com) and Mandy (lasorellabridal.com) - they are the best of the best. They can do wonders with hair and makeup - true artists! Then, my lovey got us a limo to go into the city with some friends and family for dinner at Gallagher's! It was so.effing.delish! It's one of my fave restaurants in the world! We decided to come back to NJ to the local watering hole - it's like Cheers, everyone knows your name and when you are there, you are family. Well, it turns out that the night before 50 Cent was there having dinner! I was so pissed I wasn't there the night before!!! OMG....so mad! But, we had an absolute great night of drinking and singing! Of course, we ended up at the diner! I had an amazing time - thanks Jay, Jason, Mom, Jenn, Mike, Sue, Jess and Chris - MWAH!

Saturday, Jay tried for 2 hours to wake me up to drive down to Bally's in AC. He finally got me up and we finally headed down there. It took us 4 hours to get there - effing traffic. So, we got there, gambled a bit, had dinner at Game On in the Pier Shops. It wasn't as good as I remembered it, so the meal was sucky, but we had a nice view. Then, we went back to the room around 9pm. Next thing I know, it is 3:30am!! We passed out hardcore! Aahahahha. So, we decided to go downstairs and gamble! We lost. But, that's ok...we had such a great time and just enjoyed each other's company. BUT, we did randomly see this guy we know from the bar we always go to up in Wayne. 

Sunday, we got up and had breakfast delivered to the room. I had Sticky Fun French Toast. That's what it was called - it was really good, though. It had pecans and caramel. On the way home an hour later, I decided it was too good to pass up Sonic! So, naturally, we stopped at Sonic on the way home. It really is so good! We also visited my mom and his parents on the way home. It was nice to relax and just say hello to everyone.

Now, we're home. Ollie is passed out and we're about to head to bed. I hate going back to work after an extended weekend. It will be so hard to wake up tomorrow, but hopefully I will figure out what I want to do when I grow up! ("When I grow up, I wanna be famous. I wanna be a star. I wanna be in movies. Lalalalalala....be careful what you wish for 'cause you just might get it...")

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Hey! What a week it has been. Nothing too exciting happened during the week. It was a 3-day weekend, which is always a nice treat! But, it always makes work go by slower and seem like there is so much more to do. On Thursday afternoon around 4PM, when it seemed everyone had gone home already, I had to finish up some last minute stuff. Then, I rushed out to make it to my nail appointment at 5. 

I got LCN tips (which is a first for me.) So far, so good. They look more natural and are supposed to be better for your nails. They are much more expensive than acrylics, but that's the price of beauty, right? I also (finally) got my hair cut. I haven't gotten my haircut this much in my life, but I have to keep it healthy for the wedding. So, I go every 6 weeks or so. It is amazing how long in advance women start preparing for one day! I partake in the craziness, but it still baffles the hell out of me! 

I didn't really do anything on Friday. Jay and I went out to dinner with some family. He went out afterwards and I hung out with my mom and aunt and family friend. It was nice to just chat with the ladies and talk about the past and good memories. We always have a good laugh when we're together! 

Saturday we BBQd! It was soo good. I love BBQ. We tried Bubba Burgers - they were so delish for frozen burgers. And, of course hot dogs, chicken, steak and ribs, too. Homemade pasta, macaroni and potato salad. Brownies and cupcakes. It was so good to have a home-cooked meal with my family. Of course, a friendly family political debate - turned- fight ensued, but all is well that ends well. 

Earlier that day, Jay and I took my cousins to see WALL-E. It was so friggin cute. It had an amazing message about saving our Earth AND it was a cute love story. Kids will love it, natch, but so will the adults. There are also a few jokes throughout that only the grown-ups will appreciate. 

Sunday was a day of rest - it always is! I slept until noon, which was so nice. I got up and did some laundry, cleaned up a bit, etc. Then, Jay and I got Wendy's (The #2 with a Coke is my weakness - totally my "off-day" meal - don't judge :P) Anyways, we watched "Batman Begins". Ok, so, I had wanted to see this for a while. And, with "The Dark Knight" coming out (which I def. want to see b/c of Heath Ledger) we figured we should see the first installment. It was soo good. I liked the original Batman with Michael Keaton. It wasn't great, but it was a fun type of movie. "Batman Begins" was nothing like it. It was dark, it was action-packed, it was sexy, it had a great back story, it has Christian Bale. Seriously, it didn't even need much more. I can even forgive Christopher Nolan for casting Katie Holmes. 

Now, I am watching Platinum Weddings and drooling. I think this is a bride thing, as most normal people would just think it was stupid to spend that much money on a gobo and personalized underwear. I need to finish folding the laundry, which is my 2nd least favorite thing to do next to putting the laundry away. And then going to bed to wake up and start all over again. Isn't the monotony and repetition of the work week so sad?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Whoa - ask me what I did today!

NOTHING! Omg, I suck at life, LoL! It was kind of nice to just lay on the couch all day and watch TV and movies. I watched TAIB (see below) and Persepolis. I read the book in college and was fascinated by it. So, I was very happy to see they made a movie. The movie was very true to the book, although much was left out since they combined the 1st and 2nd books. But, very well done. 

I totally didn't touch the laundry. Boo. But, my BFF Jenn and I decided we are going to get lives. So, that means doing stuff and getting out whether we want to or not! Even if it is just going out for coffee or something little. Just, you know, interaction with the real world. What a novel idea. 

Well, that is all for now. I am going to brush my teeth and GO.TO.BED.

"The Air I Breathe" Review

So, lazzzzy Sundays call for movies! Jay went to visit his family and the dog was bored, so I popped in this movie. Honestly, I knew nothing about this movie except: 
A - it was a story about how people were connected (a la "Crash") 
B - it did not get great reviews
C - Sarah Michelle Gellar was in it. I admit, this was the only reason I got it. I have an undying love for all things Buffy. 

It wasn't half bad. It wasn't "inspired" or even a totally new concept. It was based on the idea that there are 4 cornerstone emotions: Happiness, Pleasure, Sorrow and Love. Ok, I can get that. The 4 main characters represented these emotions, natch. Basically, you cannot know Love without Pleasure, nor Sorrow without Happiness

Forest Whitaker was Happiness. He is an excellent actor, but his scenes were a little hard to watch b/c his character was depressing. (Weird, right? For the guy representing Happiness, his scenes made me cringe!) But, I guess that was the point - he could not be truly happy until the end, until he was released. 

Brandon Frasier was Pleasure. He was very dark, very mysterious. I likey! He was pretty instrumental throughout the whole film. His story leaves you wondering what at all is pleasurable about his life, but you get it once you find out about his past. 

Sarah Michelle was Sorrow. I love her. She can do no wrong in my book. She was very good in this film...she took her character and made her grow. She was actually a very central figure throughout the whole movie. She kind of tied everything together. And, her ending was my favorite, as it was the one with the most closure. 

Kevin Bacon was Love. I felt bad b/c he kind of got shafted as far as screen time. It was almost as if they kind of threw his story in there at the end. Poor thing. He was ok. He didn't really have room to spread his wings. 

It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine....

I love it. It is no secret to the people that know me that I love bags and shoes. Well, I haven't bought a bag in a while. And, as I was browsing online as I sometimes do, I stumbled upon this little gem. It is the Louis Vuitton Mahina XXL in black. It makes me all squishy and smiley inside. Does that make me shallow? Oh, well! Deal with it! 

SO, ack, do I buy it? 

Lazzzzy Sunday

It is after 1 PM and the day is already gone. I have to do laundry and then wake up tomorrow and start all over again. I don't know why I don't just do the stuff I need to get done during the week, or even Friday after work. This way, I won't have to worry about it on Saturday and Sunday. I am always procrastinating! 

I procrastinate with wedding planning, too. There are 1,000,001 things I could be doing. But, I guess b/c they aren't the "big" things, I put them off. And the more I do this, the more I will have to do closer to the wedding! WTF is wrong with me?!

I really hate the monotony and repetitiveness of the Monday-Friday grind. I guess we all do. I know I could totally do different things after work, but honestly, I don't feel like doing anything. We've been trying to watch different movies and I have been reading up on Paris. But, other than that, forget it! I guess it is nobody's fault but my own. And, I know if I did different things during the week that I wanted to do, it would make going to work that much easier. 

Take right now, for instance - I am watching a reality show about Denise Richards (which is surprisingly amusing. And she is surprisingly likable on the show) while I could be folding and putting laundry away. THEN, I would be done with it and I could relax and not worry the rest of the night. But, instead, I choose to type about it! AHAHAHHA. I just need a motivator, a booster. Maybe I will start being more motivated tomorrow (b/c you always start life-changes on Mondays, right?) 

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Things I am loving right now

1) The FLAIR app on FaceBook - Ok, seriously? How simple is this? It is basically an online cork board that you can put different buttons on. You can pick your own flair, people can send you flair, you can send them flair back. It is simple, yet amuses me every day. It is a great way to express yourself without really having to think too hard - you see a button that exudes "you", click "add" and voila! I have a lot of flair and am running out of room on my cork board - that is my only complaint.  

2) DVDs - I have always loved movies and DVDs are not new to me. I don't live under a rock. But, with Summer programming on TV (BORING) and Jay and I being cuddle bums, we have watched a lot of movies that would have normally sat on our shelf un-open. It is a great way to spend time together and also get to know each other better. We like to somewhat discuss the movies afterwards, no matter how fluffy they might be! 

3) StyleMePretty, ArtofLove, TheBrideCafe, PinkCakeBox and random other wedding blogs - I am having so much fun planning our wedding. So far there has been minimal stress. And, I have stumbled upon some of the most beautiful work ever. Weddings can be so truly tacky, but they can also been stunning. There is so much work that goes into a wedding - if you have not been married or are not in the biz, you most likely would not think twice about it. BUT, us brides know what's up. These blogs have amazing photography, design ideas, color palettes, attire, cakes, everything! If you ever need to just relax or get some creative inspiration, I totally recommend these sites. Even if you are not into something wedding related, it is just amazing to see what people come up with. You can give someone a color scheme or a theme and they can create a whole new world with it. Simply gorgeous. 

4) General Tso's Chicken - Hahaha, yes, as in the Chinese dish. We found a great place by us (Precious Chinese on Hamburg Turnpike in Riverdale - what what!!) that makes it delish every time. I feel like we have it every night. It is just that good. 

5) Old Movies - the classics - Some faves: Casablanca, Rebecca, The Women, Streetcar Named Desire, An Affair to Remember, Sabrina. The costumes are gorgeous. The stories are timeless. The acting is over-the-top and superb. There comedic timing is impeccable. And there are no crazy special effects, or green screens, or $10000000 budgets. Movies the way they should be - telling a story through the characters. The actors make it work, not the post-production teams adding everything in. 

My first blog...

So, a girl I know from an online message board has inspired me to blog. (Thanks, Marni.) It seems like a good way to vent, express my joy, ramble on, brainstorm ideas, just whatever. So far, so good, eh? I call it the diary I never had. 

I always tried to keep a diary, starting in junior high. I wrote about dumb things: boys I liked, boys I hated, boys I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole, girls I hate, girls that were my friends but I didn't really like. Normal, pre-teen hormonal crap. Then, I would always stop after a week or two because I found better stuff to do: flirt with the boys I liked, be mean to the boys I didn't like (which I will later in life learn means I really DID like them and this was how to really flirt!), throw myself into re-invention (My skater phase, my gangster phase, my stoner phase...)

Well, I am still hormonal, definitely adult and not-so-normal. I am goofy as hell! I wouldn't have it any other way. Also, I have figured out who my real friends are - I love all the ones I have now! 
And, the boys - well, there is this one guy....he has my heart. Always has, really, and always will. So, I am marrying him - 10.24.08. Yikes - really close! He is my best friend. I know a lot of people say this about their significant other, but we were friends long before we were lovers. 

So, here I sit, typing away on this gorgeous day! It is really hot and muggy out, though, so maybe I will stay here for a while. It is therapeutic already. I am amazed. 
I hope you all enjoy my ramblings thus far and continue to enjoy them. Xoxo!