Monday, August 25, 2008

Parents can be so delusional...

First of all, I only know bits and pieces of this story, so I am going off of that. There was a Wayne Valley student who hit one or two people with frozen paint balls. One of the victims has lost hearing (permanently) in one ear. It's a horrible thing, yes. The kid should totally be punished, yes. 

So, I read the message boards and on the Wayne board people were writing about the kid's mother. Apparently, she goes to the Board of Ed meetings to make people aware that thisis some sort of initiation ritual at the school; her son was pushed to do this; etc. 

The people on the message boards (hiding behind screen names, might I add) go off saying, "How dare she ruin Wayne's reputation by spreading these lies?  How dare she drag other kids into this mess? There are no rituals - just b/c her kid is a criminal doesn't mean the rest of Wayne's children are! How dare she...?"

Here's where I get pissy! So, the mother is not totally right. Her son pulled the trigger; he shot the person - it's his fault, he should get punished. I do not know about any initiation into anything, whatever. 

What I DO know (from going through Wayne public schools my whole life) is that the parents in Wayne are delusional! And, not just in this instance, but anytime a kid goes "out of the lines" of acceptable rebellion. 

They all think their kids are so great and get good grades and play sports so well and don't do anything wrong and deserve $75,000 cars to bang up and are having ice cream slumber parties with their best girlfriends when they don't come home. 

I got news for you - it's bullshit! First of all, these kids have so much money they think they can do whatever they want. They stay out till all hours, drinking, partying, doing drugs. We all did it - I am not saying I am above it. They inject themselves with steroids, take drugs, drive recklessly and expect Mommy and Daddy to bail them out of everything - b/c they did it their whole lives! They don't have to accept responsibility for anything! They are part os this amazing affluent town and this great school system, so that means they are untouchable. And, the parents are pushing these ideas upon them by sticking up for them and defending them. 

OPEN YOUR EYES!! Your kids are partying, drinking and having sex! They are just kids - not saints! There very much so can be initiations and kids pressuring other kids to do dumb things. Your kids are not perfect just b/c they did not get caught doing dumb shit!! 

Sunday, August 17, 2008

2 Weeks Worth of Life

I haven't written a word in 2 weeks b/c I have actually been busy doing productive things. Accomplishment is a good feeling! So, let's start with the wedding related nonsense

Jay and I wrote our ceremony from start to finish. We researched all of my vow and ceremony books, added details we liked and picked what was important to us. From the gathering words to the final blessing, it shouldn't be more than 15 minutes - MAX. It is very sweet and very "us." I was most nervous about this aspect of the whole wedding b/c I was very adamant about it NOT being religious and Jay had his specific criteria, so I was preparing for a headache. But, we came out unscathed with a simple, yet elegant ceremony. It was a great bonding experience for the two of us. 
NOW, we just have to find someone to marry us. For some reason, this is a hard thing for us to do. There is a reverend that is somewhat close to my family that has been there through some rough times, but the ceremony he proposed is very religious (obvs.) and we would feel horrible asking him to throw that all out the window. So, if anyone knows any great non-denominational officiants, send me the contact info! 

I also made a bunch of final appointments with photogs, our entertainment vendor, etc. I ordered shoes and hair stuff - and might have actually decided on a hairstyle. We booked the airport transfers and decided who was sleeping where the night before. UGH - it's the tiny details that are killing me and making me feel overwhelmed. 

What else? Let's see - movies! We watched Gone With the Wind last weekend - all 4 hours of it, straight through. It is such a fantastic movie! Vivien Leigh was a genius when it came to acting. She threw herself into the role of Scarlett - over-the-top (as so many performances in those days were, but she was the master,) dramatic, gorgeous. The movie is an epic classic for a reason. It didn't have the ending you would expect - there was no predictable, happy ending, which made it even more appealing. It was more real that way. 

Jay and I also saw Pineapple Express. O.M.G. - so friggin funny. I am a huge fan of "Knocked Up," "Superbad," "40-Year Old Virgin," etc. so I knew I would love this movie. It was a typical stoner comedy with a lot of violence. I love Seth Rogan - he is cute and normal-ish and seems very down-to-earth. But, James Franco stole the movie. He was hysterical and I don't even think he was trying to be. He was very subtle and mellow and LOL adorable. Also, the previews before the movie rocked b/c there are a lot of Judd Apatow & Co. movies coming out soon! Paul Rudd, Michael Cera, Sean Williams Scott, etc. all have movies coming out. I have a feeling this is the beginning of the new American Comedic Dream Team. 

And, the Olympics. I wasn't really watching in the beginning. I completely missed the Opening Ceremonies - whatever. But, nothing is on late at night when you're trying to sleep and you wish Letterman wasn't a repeat. So, you watch the Olympics. Then, you find yourself getting emotionally invested in these athletes' wins and losses. There's a lot of controversy surrounding the Beijing Olympics and we, as humans, love a good controversy. They have paralyzed dancers, ugly kids that need to be replaced with cuter kids lip synching the ugly kid's song, fake fireworks, underage competitors - yes, we're onto you Chinese Gymnasts! Seriously, this should be looked into and if it is proven they are NOT 16 or older, they should have their medals taken away. Cheating is cheating - no matter how it is done. 

OOoh, and that guy, that swimmer - hmmm...Michael Phelps, is it? I wasn't really into all the hype, but I watched a race and he IS like a machine. I guess I can buy into the whole American Dream thing. And, his mom is always so happy when he wins and I can respect that. But, Lochte is def. hotter. 

I am really looking forward to the Fall/Winter lineup - all the new shows and my fave shows coming back. I am a glutton for teen drama - so, yay for 'Gossip Girl,' 'On Tree Hill,' and the New '90210.' I am like a 13 year old, ok? Don't judge :P I also can't wait for 'Ugly Betty,' 'Desperate Housewives,' 'Brothers & Sisters,' "Lost,' 'Kath & Kim," so forth and so on...LoL. I watch a lot of TV, ok? It's a hard habit to break - Tivo is your friend. 

Ok, I think that was enough BS to give you to read for now. I am trying to start my weeks off on a more positive note. So, instead of complaining that it is Sunday night, so that means I have to go to effing work tomorrow and sulk through another 5 more days until the next weekend and I hope I can make it that long without poking an eye out of the socket just for fun, I will say something like....It is Sunday night,, um....well, - I got nothing. 

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

I have been so terribly unproductive this weekend - this whole month, actually. I feel like the wedding planning has STOPPED. There is so much little stuff left to do, but I just haven't gotten on it yet. So, maybe that will be my goal for next week. I wish I could just finalize the guest list, but Jay and I keep adding people. We need to block hotel rooms, book shuttles, write programs, do the seating chart, make final appointments with the music and photog vendors, AND find an officiant! Wish us luck. 
Our office said goodbye to the greatest CFO ever - SVC. He was so great to work with and a real joy to know. I hope he doesn't become a stranger and wish him all the luck and happiness in his future. For his Goodbye Party, several people from work went to Sunset Pub & Grill for drinks. It is the restaurant in the Lincoln Park airport. It had a really relaxing, inviting atmosphere and a nice sitting area outside to to watch the plane. Appetizers were ordered, but I didn't really try any so I cannot vouch for the food. The bartender let me try a Girl Scout Cookie martini - it tasted just like a  Thin Mint - so good! BUT - a glass of their house pinot grigio was $9. WTF?! That's like highway robbery! 

We celebrated Jenn's 24th on Friday! We had so much fun - like, balls-to-the-wall type of fun! We drank like it was our J-O-B! We found out 50 Cent will be back at Greenhouse on Wednesday - we might go celeb stalking. Thanks to Carlos for playing all of our requests and to Chris for being the best bartender ever and driving us home. Happy Bday, Jenn - love ya! 

:( My BFF Kris flew up from FL for one day this weekend and I totally did not get to see her. The timing just sucked and it made me really upset. But, I am glad that someone special flew her up to go to his family reunion - that is so sweet and I am so happy she found somebody like that. So, maybe next time? (I hope so, I think the next time she is up is for the wedding and she is the Maid of Honor!) 

So, after Wednesday I think I will have exciting new to share (I'm not preggers, pick your mouth up off the floor.) So, yea...I will keep you updated!