Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

I feel like this week has been so busy! Work was crazy because 3 of the 5 front office girls were out most of the week. So, that left me and one other girl. Luckily, we're troopers! It's kind of nice to be so busy at work because it makes the day go by faster. Also, this coming week is the last week for our CFO. I am going to miss him! He's been great to work with and is just a great guy all-around. 

Jay and I went to the florist to talk about wedding flowers some more. I am really excited for the wedding now that it is so close! Anyways, we are working with Matt at Crest and he really knows his stuff. He is very creative and gave us some great ideas. I am sorry we can't use our regular florist (who are also great friends of the family.) But, at least now they can just relax and enjoy the wedding. And, I have total confidence in Crest. 

We finished the backsplash in the kitchen! (Ok, JAY finished it...I watched!) It looks great and the kitchen is back to normal! Instead of being a mess, it is an organized mess now! It looks great. Now, we need to new project. Bathrooms, maybe? 

I didn't really do too much else this week (surprise, surprise.) I've just been working on little wedding details. I ordered shoes, so we will see if I like them. I hope so. I was crazy sad when the shoes I loved didn't fit and they didn't have my size. WTF? OOOh, I should be getting the mock-up of our invites this week, too...I can't wait to see them. 

This coming week is my BFF Jenn's Bday! Yay for Bdays! So, we will go out and have drinks and play silly songs on the juke box - always a good time! And, some people from work are going out for drinks for our CFO's "Goodbye Party." HHmm...ME+Drinks w/ work people never ends well. But, I will be good ;) 

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

I am crazy tired from writing my "The Dark Knight" review (see below.) But, the weekend was pretty good...Jay finished tiling the backsplash so now we can grout and then paint and then be done - YAY! We went to Gary and Tamra's for a bit Saturday night - I was so sleepy and had barely 2 glasses of wine and I fell asleep on their couch! I felt like such an ass. Today, we had some lunch, then drove around, then went to see "The Dark Knight." I was so excited for it all week and was so excited to see it!! It was better then I ever thought it would be! 

I really can't think of anything eventful that happened during the week. I am so beat and I really don't think anything happened, LoL. My mom and everyone left for the cruise today :( I am seriously regretting not going, now. 33 of our friends and family went to Bermuda for a week. Jay and I were going to go, but changed our minds to save our time off for our honeymoon. I hope everyone has fun and takes lots of pictures!! 

"The Dark Knight" - a Review (*Spoilers*)

Let me start off by saying that I am in no way a Batman aficionado. I didn't watch re-runs of the old show; I didn't read the comic books; I didn't watch the cartoon. I liked Tim Burton's first "Batman" with Michael Keaton ok. It was scary when I was younger and campy as I got older. So, I am not up on the history and story-line facts. That being said, here it goes...

I loved "Batman Begins" was a movie my fiance and I popped in one lazy day, by chance, and I ended up loving it. So, needless to say, I couldn't wait for "The Dark Knight." I was planning on catching it because I really wanted to see Heath Ledger's final and supposedly best performance. Seeing "Batman Begins" just made me want to see it even more. 

So, Jay and I get to the theater a half hour early, get our goodies to munch on, sit down and watch the waves of people roll in on a Sunday afternoon. I was so psyched for this movie I couldn't sit still! As the DC Comics logo shows up in the beginning of the film, a hush falls over the theater. Everyone, like me, wanted to see what the first scene would be....would there be action? Would it be an emotional scene between Alfred and Bruce Wayne? Will it be the much-anticipated Joker?

It was action-packed! The Scarecrow story-line was resolved (for now) which doesn't really happen too often. A lot of times you find sequels kind of forgetting what they left hanging in the previous movie. But, they wrapped it up nicely in the first few minutes of the film and introduced the new villian - the eternal villian - the Joker. 

We don't know who he is, where he came from or what he wants - and this is true throughout the movie. I suppose we do know that he lives for death and destruction. He doesn't care about revenge, loyalty, money - none of it. Where he goes, chaos and mayhem follow. He is smart - the kind of genius created by madness (or is the madness created by the genius?) He knows how to get to people. And he knows how to kill. He is diabolical, but he makes it seem so effortless - kind of like he doesn't have to prepare or create or think about what he is doing to people. 

Now, about Heath's performance. It was stellar. I was so sure I would watch this movie and think about Heath Ledger - the great, young actor whose life ended too early. But, I didn't think about him once until the movie was over. He was the Joker. His voice was unrecognizable - and haunting. He used facial tics and licked his lips and snarled in ways that made me cringe. He played the Joker as true and pure evil genius. He didn't care about anyone or anything around him. He laughed at the people around him. He used peoples' weakness to his advantage. He was very much theatrical - messy makeup to cover up the scars that seem to have no origin. His laugh is one with a mocking tone and eery comfort. Heath was the Joker and the Joker will never be anyone else but Heath. 

The 2nd new character we have is Harvey Dent/Two-Face. Well, I totally believe in Harvey Dent. Aaron Eckhart was so believable as the District Attorney who wants what is best for Gotham City. He really didn't let anything stop him. He wasn't afraid of the Joker, or gangsters or any of it. He did show human weakness when he was prepared to kill a psycho for information.  He did what he had to do all out in the open. Eckhart was very vibrant and bold in this role. He shone as the White Knight making the clean-up of this crime-ridden city seem possible. 
Eckhart also proved himself as Two-Face. When Dent went to his dark place is when Eckhart really showed his acting chops. He had just lost the one person he loved and couldn't do anything to help her. He was angry and lost and scared. The Joker played well on these emotions and helped him over the edge. The hospital scene with Joker and Two-Face is one of the best in the film. 

Ah, yes, there was a somewhat minor character introduced. Joshua Harto played Reese, an employee/consultant type for Wayne Enterprises. He had about 15 full minutes in the film and they were significant. He figured out who Batman was and was going to expose him. The Joker also used him as bait so he was on a few peoples' hit list. What is interesting (and, these are not my own ruminations, but ideas I have found on the internet) is that if you say "Mr. Reese" quickly, it sounds like "mysteries." The Riddler, anyone?

Maggie Gyllenhaal took over for Katie Holmes in the Rachel Dawes role. The switch was a good one in my opinion. Katie Holmes bored me. I think Maggie was more feisty and had more fire in her.  A lot of people said she is ugly - but, I think that is far from the truth. She is definitely not a conventional beauty, but she is quirky beautiful. I was shocked, shocked, SHOCKED when she............died. The Joker played a little trick on our hero Batman and told him the wrong location of his damsel in distress. He instead showed up just in time to save Harvey Dent (or, half of him, anyways.) It was a twist that was 100%unexpected. Rachel and Bruce didn't even get together. Ugh - that kind of pisses me off because I am a romantic at heart, but it was good for the movie. It made Dent into what he would become. And, I think took Batman to a totally different level darkness-wise. If Bruce Wayne wasn't struggling with the fine line between his 2 identities before, he most surely would struggle after Rachel's death. 

 And, about our hero.....
Of course, Christian Bale is still my favorite Batman. Let me get over the fact that he is just, well, made for being the hero saving the damsel in distress. He plays a ferosh Bruce Wayne - poor, little rich playboy, sleeping during a huge meeting, zipping around in his Lambo. He is just fun! 
And, as Batman, he was wonderful, per usual! He is so regimented and kind of straight-laced as Batman. He knows what he has to do and he does it. He is a well-oiled, crime-fighting machine. He is against killing people - he just delivers them to the police. He definitely lets his cause take precedence over his "real" life as Bruce Wayne (see: his relationship with Rachel.) 
He makes a real sacrifice in the end of the movie. He takes the fall for some murders Two-Face committed. Why would he do this? Because he didn't want the work that Harvey Dent had done as D.A. to come undone by a community that has lost faith. They believed in Dent and what he was doing and if they learned he gave up and fell to the dark side, they most likely would, too. And, since Batman has no real face, he knew he couldn't mar the face of the White Knight, Gotham's true hero.

Gary Oldman was better than ever as James Gordon! I was on the verge of tears when I thought he had died, but he came back to save the day - he actually had to save Batman. It showed us that Batman isn't the only one that can get things done. It also showed us that the role of saviour doesn't fall on the hands of one man, but the hands of many. The ordinary, run-of-the-mill cop really made a difference. He believes in the cause just like Batman. He was so moving in the scene with Two-Face and his family. 

Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine were excellent and consistent in their roles, as well.. They act as the wiser voices of reason throughout the film. I wish they could have larger roles. They are essentially the behind-the-scenes help. I know this is necessary, but I love these actors so I want to see them take out a baddie or two! 

The film as a whole was totally dark. It was scary because it could happen. Is it probable? No, not at this point in time. Is it possible - yes, totally. The technology used isn't too far off from what can become (if the gov't doesn't already have gadgets like those used already.) Christopher Nolan, the director, wanted his Batman sagas to be about real people in real situations. There is nothing sci-fi about his two films. At their core, they are just good guy/bad guy flicks. The scenes with the two boats leaving the island says a whole lot about the human condition and that there is still good in this world. The chaotic scene jumping seems very much what it might be like living in Gotham City. As the audience, just like the characters, you never know who is a good guy or a bad guy. 

There are a lot of factors that make this film one for the ages - the acting, the story, the lessons we can all learn from it. It is action-packed, character-driven and just plain old fun. It says a lot about a movie when you leave the theater and it is all you can think about. 
As I sit and think about the movie and what the director might do next, or which characters he will bring back or what would of happened if....I have to remember that it is just a movie and essentially just made for fun (and to make money) and I have to ask myself, "Why so serious?" 

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

If you want to check out pics from this weekend, go to MySpace.

I am 25!! I can't believe it. I feel so old, but only because I remember where I was when I turned 15 and I was so young then. It was only 10 years ago! Ugh! Anyways, Monday-Wednesday was pretty routine. 

I took off work Thursday and Friday. Thursday I pampered myself with getting girlie things done at the spa. That is always nice. Then, my mom and I went into the city that night to get my muslin fitted at Kleinfeld's. Basically, it is a crap piece of fabric that is cut before they cut the actual dress so it is fitted perfectly. So, my dress was finally ordered! Swweeeeet. 

On Friday (my actual Bday - 7/11), Jay and I had running around to do. Then, I got my hair and makeup done by Alexa ( and Mandy ( - they are the best of the best. They can do wonders with hair and makeup - true artists! Then, my lovey got us a limo to go into the city with some friends and family for dinner at Gallagher's! It was so.effing.delish! It's one of my fave restaurants in the world! We decided to come back to NJ to the local watering hole - it's like Cheers, everyone knows your name and when you are there, you are family. Well, it turns out that the night before 50 Cent was there having dinner! I was so pissed I wasn't there the night before!!! mad! But, we had an absolute great night of drinking and singing! Of course, we ended up at the diner! I had an amazing time - thanks Jay, Jason, Mom, Jenn, Mike, Sue, Jess and Chris - MWAH!

Saturday, Jay tried for 2 hours to wake me up to drive down to Bally's in AC. He finally got me up and we finally headed down there. It took us 4 hours to get there - effing traffic. So, we got there, gambled a bit, had dinner at Game On in the Pier Shops. It wasn't as good as I remembered it, so the meal was sucky, but we had a nice view. Then, we went back to the room around 9pm. Next thing I know, it is 3:30am!! We passed out hardcore! Aahahahha. So, we decided to go downstairs and gamble! We lost. But, that's ok...we had such a great time and just enjoyed each other's company. BUT, we did randomly see this guy we know from the bar we always go to up in Wayne. 

Sunday, we got up and had breakfast delivered to the room. I had Sticky Fun French Toast. That's what it was called - it was really good, though. It had pecans and caramel. On the way home an hour later, I decided it was too good to pass up Sonic! So, naturally, we stopped at Sonic on the way home. It really is so good! We also visited my mom and his parents on the way home. It was nice to relax and just say hello to everyone.

Now, we're home. Ollie is passed out and we're about to head to bed. I hate going back to work after an extended weekend. It will be so hard to wake up tomorrow, but hopefully I will figure out what I want to do when I grow up! ("When I grow up, I wanna be famous. I wanna be a star. I wanna be in movies. careful what you wish for 'cause you just might get it...")

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Hey! What a week it has been. Nothing too exciting happened during the week. It was a 3-day weekend, which is always a nice treat! But, it always makes work go by slower and seem like there is so much more to do. On Thursday afternoon around 4PM, when it seemed everyone had gone home already, I had to finish up some last minute stuff. Then, I rushed out to make it to my nail appointment at 5. 

I got LCN tips (which is a first for me.) So far, so good. They look more natural and are supposed to be better for your nails. They are much more expensive than acrylics, but that's the price of beauty, right? I also (finally) got my hair cut. I haven't gotten my haircut this much in my life, but I have to keep it healthy for the wedding. So, I go every 6 weeks or so. It is amazing how long in advance women start preparing for one day! I partake in the craziness, but it still baffles the hell out of me! 

I didn't really do anything on Friday. Jay and I went out to dinner with some family. He went out afterwards and I hung out with my mom and aunt and family friend. It was nice to just chat with the ladies and talk about the past and good memories. We always have a good laugh when we're together! 

Saturday we BBQd! It was soo good. I love BBQ. We tried Bubba Burgers - they were so delish for frozen burgers. And, of course hot dogs, chicken, steak and ribs, too. Homemade pasta, macaroni and potato salad. Brownies and cupcakes. It was so good to have a home-cooked meal with my family. Of course, a friendly family political debate - turned- fight ensued, but all is well that ends well. 

Earlier that day, Jay and I took my cousins to see WALL-E. It was so friggin cute. It had an amazing message about saving our Earth AND it was a cute love story. Kids will love it, natch, but so will the adults. There are also a few jokes throughout that only the grown-ups will appreciate. 

Sunday was a day of rest - it always is! I slept until noon, which was so nice. I got up and did some laundry, cleaned up a bit, etc. Then, Jay and I got Wendy's (The #2 with a Coke is my weakness - totally my "off-day" meal - don't judge :P) Anyways, we watched "Batman Begins". Ok, so, I had wanted to see this for a while. And, with "The Dark Knight" coming out (which I def. want to see b/c of Heath Ledger) we figured we should see the first installment. It was soo good. I liked the original Batman with Michael Keaton. It wasn't great, but it was a fun type of movie. "Batman Begins" was nothing like it. It was dark, it was action-packed, it was sexy, it had a great back story, it has Christian Bale. Seriously, it didn't even need much more. I can even forgive Christopher Nolan for casting Katie Holmes. 

Now, I am watching Platinum Weddings and drooling. I think this is a bride thing, as most normal people would just think it was stupid to spend that much money on a gobo and personalized underwear. I need to finish folding the laundry, which is my 2nd least favorite thing to do next to putting the laundry away. And then going to bed to wake up and start all over again. Isn't the monotony and repetition of the work week so sad?